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Residential Electrician in Sydney

We are committed to exceeding expectations, catering to all electrical installation needs across the Greater Sydney region

Whether you require a basic upgrade, a comprehensive renovation, or are embarking on the construction of a new residence, our team of electricians combine their unparalleled knowledge and experience to guarantee your project is completed on time and on budget.

Our team conducts a complimentary assessment of your existing electrical structure where required, prioritizing safety. We then provide you with our professional recommendations. From rewiring to lighting installations and everything in between, we bring unrivalled expertise, a focus on safety and efficiency to every project.

Incorporated into our service offering for new home construction and renovations, is the provision of detailed electrical design and layout, tailored to meet your requirements.

KNX Home Automation System: Revolutionising Smart Living

Pivotal Power Electrical is proud to announce its collaboration with KNX National, aimed at delivering our customers an unparalleled range of premium smart home and building automation solutions, characterised by uncompromising quality and versatility.

The KNX Home Automation System stands as the pinnacle of cutting-edge smart home technology, heralding a transformative era in the way we engage with our living spaces. Globally recognized and standardized, this system seamlessly combines lighting, heating, ventilation, security, and an array of other functionalities, offering an unparalleled fusion of convenience, energy efficiency, and commanding control.

KNX simplifies remote management and automation of your residence via a singular, user-centric interface. Whether it’s sculpting the ideal ambient lighting, orchestrating climate control for maximal energy conservation, or elevating security through advanced surveillance and access management, KNX delivers with grace and precision.

What distinguishes KNX is its unparalleled universality, harmonizing with a vast spectrum of devices from diverse manufacturers, ensuring both adaptability and longevity for any home. Furthermore, KNX places data security at the forefront, bestowing users with the tranquillity of mind in our ever-more interconnected world.

KNX Home Automation empowers homeowners to craft astute, comfort-enhancing, and eco-conscious living realms. All this while indulging in the advantages of a tailor-made, safeguarded smart home ecosystem.



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